azienda agricola la marega

Love for the land
and family traditions.


the allegrini family

In our wines you can taste the love for the land and the history of our family.

The ‘La Marega’ winery is based in and takes its name from the agricultural locality in the centre of the Valpolicella area, a recognised area suitable for the production of quality wine, where the vineyards are located and where the family, owner and ‘historical’ wine producer for more than 50 years, lives in the characteristic rural courtyard.

Already two centuries ago, small pieces of land were cultivated in this area with Giovanni Allegrini and his father. Then in the early 1960s, with Giovanni’s son Vittorio, they worked the vineyards adjacent to the villa of San Micheletto under a “sharecropping” contract, and on the nearby hill overlooking San Pietro in Cariano, they began to produce Valpolicella wine in the rural and original cellar located under the house inhabited by the family.

In 1967, the first tractor arrived at Marega under the entrepreneurial drive of Vittorio’s son Lorenzo, who replaced the cows that helped with the ploughing and pulling of the carts. With sacrifices and hard work, they managed to buy the fields, which had previously been worked by sharecroppers. From then on, the vineyard ‘boom’ began in Valpolicella and the production of the area’s typical wines, now known throughout the world.

Today, Daniele and Marco, Lorenzo’s sons, aware of the treasure and inheritance of the experience of generations, the passion for the land and its products, reintroduce the wines that have always distinguished the name of a special territory: “La Marega”.


"Wine improves men: they do good business, win causes, are happy and support friends."

aristophanes, greek playwright