valpolicella classica

Simplicity, authenticity and tradition.


The Allegrini family

Tradition to be passed on.

‘La Marega’ winery is based in and takes its name from the agricultural locality in the centre of the Valpolicella area, a recognised area suitable for the production of quality wine, where the vineyards are located and where the family, owner and ‘historical’ wine producer for more than 50 years, lives in the characteristic rural courtyard.


la marega

A land of excellence.

The land, cultivated with vineyards using the traditional Veronese pergola system, follows the normal decline of the hillside with dry stone walls among olive and cherry trees. From here one can admire the beautiful Valpolicella with its flat terraces and hillside terraces and in the background, the harmonious lines of the Lessinia mountains.

our valpolicella wines


Our wines

The care taken in plant cultivation, the passion for peasant work and the attention to small things at every stage of winemaking give those who taste our wines an emotionally rich experience where ancient and forgotten tastes are rediscovered.

Sandra Guibord

“My lucky students had a fantastic experience! Camelia Vlad who represents La Marega Vineyard in Veneto Italy , sent us beautiful bottles of Ripasso and Amarone wine to feature in class. Camelia joined us live via zoom and guided the class through the tasting. They learned about the winery, the region and the famous winemaking style of Valpolicella wines. She was not only interesting to listen to, but is also charming and delightful! This was truly a memorable experience and the students all said that they loved it. Thank you Camelia and La Marega Winery for this wonderful and valuable experience! You helped this group of students all become big fans of Ripasso and Amarone wines of La Marega.”