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Our wines provide an emotionally rich experience.


our wines

"The agricultural philosophy we follow is one of respect for the land, the family's farming roots and sustainable cultivation."

Harvesting is exclusively done by hand, waiting for the perfect ripening of the fruit and a selective picking of the bunches for the production of Amarone. The crates are then placed in a naturally ventilated drying loft for the drying phase, exclusive to our territory; this period allows the evaporation of the water contained, bringing the grapes to a higher sugar and polyphenol content.

Vinification, according to the traditional method with the addition of innovations and improvements, takes place in the cellar, where the must obtained by gently crushing the grapes and pressing spends a few weeks in cement barrels for fermentation followed day after day.

After this time, the wine, after appropriate racking, is aged. As far as Amarone is concerned, ageing takes place for at least two years in oak Tonneau barrels, after which it is bottled and left to rest for a few months.

All these processes from harvesting to bottling are carried out entirely in the same place where the winery is located.

The care taken in the cultivation of the plants, the passion for peasant work and the attention to small things in every phase of winemaking, give those who taste our wines an experience rich in emotion where ancient and forgotten tastes are rediscovered.

della Valpolicella

classico superiore docg

Amarone is made from the grapes of Valpolicella and has a specific method of drying, which is completed in the cool breezes typical of the surrounding mountains. It is characterised by a long period of barrel ageing, resulting in a full and decisive wine with hints of black cherry and ripe fruit, with spicy notes.



classico SUPERIORE doc

bottLE 0.75 lt.

MAGNUM 1.5 lt.

It stems from the peasant tradition of ‘re-passing’ Valpolicella on the marcs of Amarone. An important, full-bodied red, with notes of chocolate and cherry, which lends itself well to refined ageing techniques, giving the wine more structure and longevity. The nose offers a bouquet between fruit and spice.

Il Valpolicella

classico doc

It is produced in Valpolicella Classica from traditional Veronese grapes. A typical wine for the whole meal, it has hints of fresh fruit, intense cherry and raspberry. The final spicy tone leads back to the flavour of green pepper.

Il Primogenito

bianco veronese IGT

It is a fresh, aromatic and fruity white wine. White flowers and hints of citrus stand out in a colourful olfactory bouquet.