I know my land like the back of my hand.



"Knowing the soil type of each area and the biodiversity of our fields, I can plant the right vineyard in the most suitable soil."

The land, cultivated with vineyards using the traditional “Veronese pergola” system, has a course that follows the normal decline of the hillside with dry-stone walls and the presence of olive and cherry trees. From this position, one can admire the beautiful Valpolicella with its flat terraces and hillside terraces and note, in the background, the harmonious lines of the Lessinia mountains with their wide meadows and evergreen patches of pine forest.


strategic location

The strategic position of the vineyards, located on a hillside facing east, allows the plants, fruit and soil to see the sun in the early hours of the morning. This allows, through the temperature difference between day and night, a rapid drying of the night dew and an optimal condition for the sugar concentration in the grape.


soil composition

Rich in mineral salts, clay, limestone and tuff. This mix of elements recalls in the wine the traditional aromas, flavours and colours of an area in whose history viticulture has been one of the main agricultural activities, leading to the recognition of the area suitable for the production of excellent wine appreciated since Roman times.


"The wine elevates the soul and thoughts, and anxieties depart from the heart of man."

pindar, greek poet